Tune Up Your Career

Ten tips to get you going

Are the Dashboard Lights of Your Career Engine Flashing?

You’ve worked for several employers, paid some dues, and attempted to climb the corporate ladder, but despite your years of experience, do you still find it hard to navigate the corporate world? Have you lost your drive? Has the evolution of your working life slowed, or worse yet, stalled?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you’d better take a look under the hood before it’s too late and learn to

  • Take ownership of your career: Assume complete responsibility for your life of employment.
  • Consider entrepreneurship: Take a hard look at whether you are meant to be in business for yourself.
  • Take a broader view of “wrong” moves: Embrace a more positive perspective about the missteps taken on your career path.
  • Realize a step down can be a step up: Learn to align yourself with a job that allows you to be true to yourself.

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